CRM for UK Business Rates Specialists

Magi Systems designed a CRM tailored for Commercial Property Advisors, specialists in business rates in the UK. This user-friendly system prioritizes property needs over individuals. Magi Systems designed over 150 screens and developed the front-end part.

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Commercial Property Advisors is a UK business rates specialists that will identify any anomalies in your business rates bill and appeal for reductions on your behalf.

Their target audience includes every business that owns or rents property, which amounts to millions of potential clients. Existing CRMs do not cater to all their needs as they primarily focus on people, whereas Commercial Property Advisors needed a CRM that prioritized property over individuals. As a result, they decided to develop their own CRM to enhance efficiency and close more deals.

Working from prototypes provided by the client's team, Magi Systems team designed a user-friendly interface with over 150 screens and developed the front-end layout.


  • Danila Chechurov

    Project lead

  • Artemi Barskiy

    Front-end developer

  • Alina Oyko

    UX/UI designer


  • UX/UI Design

  • Front-end

Stack & Tools:

  • Django Template Language

  • HTML / JS / CSS

  • Figma